Environmental Policy


AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. and AGC Industrial Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. shall contribute to the development and maintenance of sustainable society and play its part as a responsible citizen in promoting a better environment by:

  1. Making continual improvements based on the Environmental and Industrial Safety Management System;
  2. Complying with all regulations and standards prescribed by legal authorities and other requirements;
  3. Taking steps to lower various forms of environmental impact, prevent pollution in every stage of our operations, setting meaningful targets especially with respect to resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling, maintenance of air, water and land quality, energy conservation and proper management of chemical substances;
  4. Carrying out activities for industrial safety and security to prevent accidents and disasters from occurring;
  5. Looking into consideration the influence of our activities on the natural environment including climate and biological diversity;
  6. Making  measures to reduce business risk of natural disasters;
  7. Communicating with our society to foster a deeper understanding of all aspects of our environmental and industrial safety management activities which includes the recovery of glass cullet nationwide;
  8. Oblige internal service providers, to comply with environmental and industrial safety laws. It is imperative that all personnel and stakeholders understand this policy and that all objectives/targets formulated are for the continual improvement of the environmental and industrial safety management system.

environmental programs & achievements