Our Mission / Vision

Corporate Vision

Enriching human society and ensuring lasting satisfaction and trust of our stakeholders by continually supplying flat glass products and services of superior value with global quality standards.


  Stable and Efficient

   Provide the services on which customer feel satisfaction.

   Deliver product in time.

   Deliver ideas which help customers.

   Provide support to our customer's needs.

   Stable supply with good quality to satisfy our customer.

   Stable & Good Quality Production.

   Achieve competitive cost with our service.  

   Accurate and punctual through highest efficiency.

    No Compromise to Basic Safety


Corporate Mission

To make AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. a company contributing value to its stakeholders.    

Global Shared Values

Innovation & Operational Services

We will continuously pursue innovations in technology, products, services, business models and human resources.

We will continuously improve our operations for maximum efficiency and quality in every activity and at all times strive for the highest possible standard of performance.


We will respect individuals with different cultures, capabilities and personalities, and our global management will operate without regard to nationality, gender and background.


  We, as good global citizens, will shoulder the responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society in harmony with nature.


  We will build open and fair relationships with all of our stakeholders based on the highest ethical standards.