Matelux ®

Versatile and attractive, Matelux glass is an acid-etched product that combines a satin finish with a neutral, translucent appearance. It filters light and smoothes visual contours, providing obscurity and privacy.

Matelux is available in low-iron for a true colorless appearance, or in a variety of tints.  The perfect choice for a broad spectrum of interior and exterior installations, architects can also specify Matelux to be utilized as part of an insulating glass unit for exterior facades, as well as for balconies, exterior doors, and other architectural features.

Interior applications include shower enclosures, partitions, doors, windows, lighting fixtures, shelving, tabletops, and furniture.

Though its appearance has been enhanced, Matelux retains all the mechanical and thermal properties of float glass. It can be heat-treated, laminated, insulated, beveled or polished—same as other float glass products.

Matelux is stain resistant and can be heat-treated or laminated.